Technology and Learning at South Brooklyn Academy


classroomTechnology continues to expand at South Brooklyn Academy. In addition to Samsung tablets being made available to all students (Grades 6-12). All teachers are now making greater use of digital education resources.  The digital classroom is one unique platform where assignments can be posted and teachers and students can communicate with one another for student and teacher improvement.

Google classroom can be used across all disciplines and naturally engages students in discussion by providing opportunities to ask questions, and share their interpretation of various texts and assignments.

computerlabThis robust platform is now being used by all teachers in exploring ways of improving learning for all students. Students and teachers are able to post pictures, teachers can email parents and create digital libraries; collect links to free PDFs, found online and stored in Google Drive.

Through a flip classroom approach, teachers at South Brooklyn can post videos so that students can preview them at and think about the content they will study in greater depth. Another feature of Google classroom is Google Hangouts which presents opportunities for student to collaborate with students and teachers as it relates to their progress or lack thereof.  Google classroom is another tool for educators in the 21st Century.

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