Northeastern Adventist Academy Brooklyn Campus 9-12 operates on the belief that God is the Creator of all things, and man is the crowning act of His creation. His goal is to utilize the skills of dedicated human beings in an effort to restore His image in His children. He desires a completeness which will be manifested in academic excellence, social responsibility, moral maturity, and sound work ethics.

As a subsidiary unit, we are dedicated to work in collaboration with the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Education Department to ensure that our students accomplish the following:

  1. 1. Develop a close relationship with Christ,
  2. 2. Become responsible citizens,
  3. 3. Pursue a healthy lifestyle,
  4. 4. Develop effective communication skills
  5. 5. Develop aesthetic appreciation,
  6. 6. Pursue a career that will enable them to be of service in this world as they prepare others for the world to come.

As an army of believers, our primary purpose is to work in harmony with our Creator as we unite to complete the Journey to Excellence.


At Northeastern Adventist Academy Brooklyn Campus 9-12 we believe that students must be given the opportunities to develop their leadership abilities. To foster this growth, the school has created several avenues whereby this can be accomplished. 

  1. 1. Student Government
  2. 2. Mission Trips
  3. 3. Student Conferences
  4. 4. Church Leadership
  5. 5. Clubs
  6. 6. Community Involvement

These are just some of the outlets that the student body is encouraged to develop and foster their leadership potential.


Students are encouraged to understand that they were made and created in God’s image. Accepting that fact they are encouraged and motivated each day to make Christ the center of their existence. Northeastern Adventist Academy Brooklyn Campus 9-12 operates on the premise that students must be prepared for services this life and also in the world to come. 

It is our goal and mission to continue to help our students to understand and practice that Christ is their reason for living.


Students at Northeastern Adventist Academy Brooklyn Campus 9-12 are taught and encouraged to do their best in whatever discipline they find themselves. The sky’s the limit as a result that’s what they must strive for. 

The school through different academic programs give students the opportunity to develop their full potential. The Honors Club, to which all students strive to become a part of, is a testimony of the school’s commitment to academics.


Northeastern Adventist Academy Brooklyn Campus 9-12 Administration, Faculty and Staff Members expect all students to observe the policies, regulations, and standards essential to the achievement of the goals and objectives of Christian Education. 

Each student is held personally responsible to uphold the specific standards of conduct, integrity, and morality compatible with the principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.